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1. How long has SCS Pacific Corporation been in business?

SCS Pacific Corporation was formed in 2008 as an international freight forwarder to cater for the needs of importers and exporters, and freight forwarding networks world wide.

2. Is SCS Pacific Corporation insured?

Yes, SCS Pacific Corporation is fully insured and we make sure that your cargo is also ensured by our care and efficient team of employees.

3. Can we pay your carriers directly?

The carriers can be paid directly to our main head office in Delhi, India and also amoung 150 countries that our associate offices are located. You can also pay us online through our website.

4. What all forms are required for export and import of a cargo?

There are many forms that are required for importing and exporting a commodity. For all the documents that you will require you can click

5. What are your hours of operation?

SCS Pacific Corporation delivers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

6. Do you serve internationally?

Yes. We provide international service to destinations throughout the world with 150 global associate offices. SCS offers you the flexibility and personal attention not available from the larger domestic and international carriers.

7. What areas do you serve?

We provide service throughout 150 Global Locations around the world. We also provide expedited international shipments, with next day delivery to many major business centers. Our extensive network of logistics affiliates provides you with access to nationwide, same-day and overnight service.

8. Is my shipment insured?

All shipments are automatically insured for some additional charges that we provide as other services. You may purchase additional insurance. See our terms and conditions for details.

9. Are there size limitations?

There is no limit to the number of pieces you may send and no limitation to the size or weight limits on air or truck freight services.

10. What is dimensional weight?

If your shipment is large but light, you may be charged for "dimensional weight". Dimensional weigh is a volumetric calculation, which allows for the space that a shipment occupies in a vehicle or aircraft. Dimensional weight may be calculated by multiplying the length by the width by the height (in inches) of each package and dividing by 194: (L x W x H) / 194. You will normally be charged for the greater of the actual or the dimensional weight.

11. Do you have experience serving my industry?

SCS Pacific Corporation has been providing logistics services to a wide variety of industries since 2008. Chances are, we've worked with yours. The following list of industries includes just some of the industries we serve:
Federal, State and local governments
Financial institutions
Law firms
Medical labs and hospitals
Retail/home delivery
Third-party logistics providers

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